Corporate Events Tauranga

If you want to wow clients or impress staff, Loaded NZ is an awesome option for your next corporate Tauranga event.  Nothing builds trust amongst a team like knife throwing and nothing will make your clients feel important like shooting a powerful rifle will. 

At Loaded NZ, Tauranga, we will tailor an event to perfectly meet your brief.  Whether you’re launching a new product, hosting VIP guests, team building or rewarding outstanding achievement, we can guarantee your guests will be impressed and will remember your event long after it’s over.

As well as menu planning, activity scheduling and the logistics of the day, our Tauranga Event Coordinator will work with you to cover off extras like celebrity entertainment, thank you gifts and all those little details that will make your event truly stand out.

Click here to contact our Tauranga events team to discuss a memorable event here at Loaded NZ!