Fundraising Events & Catering

Fundraising Events

It is always a challenge to find new, innovate ways to fundraise – ways that will excite your supporters and encourage them to continue to support and give generously.

Loaded NZ can help with this challenge.  What better way to offer an exciting and unique experience in return for financial support than a day of clay target shooting and other fun activities at Loaded NZ?  Contact our Tauranga Events team and together let’s tailor an event that will really wow your supporters and maximize your fundraising efforts.


Catering - Food Glorious Food!

Thanks to our great friends at Eagle Catering we are now offering catering services we have 9 packages detailed below that might suit your needs.


Loaded #1
Gourmet pie selection: sausage rolls, selection of gourmet pizza
$15 per head.


Loaded #2
Seafood platter- prawn twisters, calamari rings, fish bites, oysters or scallops (or half and half) Thai mussels with curly fries with aioli and sauce
$20 per head, optional sausage rolls at 2 per person at $5 extra per head.


Loaded #3
Starting antipasto platter: selection of speciality meats, cheeses, pickles, olives, speciality breads, selection of gourmet pies, sausage rolls and quiche, gourmet bacon and egg pie and pizza’s.
$25 per head 


Loaded #4

  • Burgers and chips.                                                                                            
  • Freshly made burgers on site
  • Beef, pork or chicken.

$15.00 per head, Minimum of 10 people, 1-4 paid in full on the day


Loaded #5

  • Roast beef and roast chicken
  • Minted gourmet potatoes
  • Seasonal green salad
  • Smoked chicken pasta
  • Waldorf crunchy apple walnut salad
  • Beetroot and carrot salad with horseradish cream.
  • Fresh fruit platter

$30 per head $3 less per head if desert is not required


Loaded #6

  • Hot honey ham on the bone
  • Minted gourmet potatoes
  • Green seasonal salad
  • Orzo rice basil pesto
  • Waldorf crunchy apple and walnut salad
  • Prawn and avocado salad.
  • Chocolate berry brownie and fresh fruit platter

$35 per head  If desert is not required $5 of price per head or desert can be exchanged for speciality bread platter.


Loaded #7

  • Hot honey ham on the bone with mustard sauce                                         
  • Roast chicken and gravy
  • Minted gourmet potatoes or potato salad
  • Seasonal green salad
  • Bacon and mushroom pasta
  • Prawn and avocado salad
  • Orzo rice basil pesto (fresh asparagus in season only)
  • beetroot and carrot with horseradish cream.
  • Fresh fruit platter, brandy snaps, chocolate truffles

$40 per head


Loaded #8

  • Hot honey ham and seared scotch fillet                                                     
  • Chicken nibbles
  • Minted gourmet potatoes or new roasted potatoes
  • Smoked chicken pasta
  • Prawn and avocado salad
  • Orzo rice basil pesto
  • Seasonal green salad
  • Beetroot and carrot horseradish cream salad.
  • Fresh selection of speciality breads
  • Lemon curd tarts, chocolate brownie                                                                
  • fruit platter OR speciality breads

$50 per head


Loaded #9

  • On arrival a full antipasto platter of gourmet meats, Speciality cheeses, blue, brie, cumin and chutneys olives, pickles with crusted breads.
  • Hot ham on the bone
  • Hot or cold chicken platter
  • Cold seafood platter prawns, mussels, smoked salmon
  • Gourmet minted potatoes
  • Seasonal green salad
  • Moroccan chicken cous cous
  • Waldorf crunchy apple celery salad
  • Beetroot and carrot salad with horseradish cream
  • Fresh fruit platter tropical cheesecake, chocolate cherry log, brandy snaps

$60 per head If desert is not required $8 of price per head


A note from eagle catering at loaded

We look forward to provide and service to the highest standards adding to the already awesome experience at loaded. We have structure our menus to cater for both casual food and full client functions for items 1-4 groups of ten and over.

Loaded functions include 5-9 these require a minimum of 30 people. Functions can be cancelled up to a week prior function date.

Final numbers need to be confirmed 2 days prior function date (no less than 30) payment is also required on this date by direct credit. Invoiced by email on this date. Looking forward to topping off an already great experience.

Please note if you have clients with special dietary needs e.g. Gluten free please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will to our best to accommodate them.

Many thanks Rae

Contact Rae on:

027 943 4682  or 07 552 0019

All menu options GST inclusive.