Shooting School

Loaded NZ has New Zealand’s largest coaching and claybird shooting field and offers a thrilling range of activities from its stunning location in Pyes Pa.

Claybird shooting, simulated wing shooting, knife throwing, golf, petanque, archery and other extreme activities – nothing will unite your family, friends, or workmates like a day out at Loaded NZ Tauranga. If you've been looking for fun things to do in Tauranga, your search ends here!

The clay target shooting fields consist of a state of the art COMPACT FIVE STAND. The sporting clays are presented to simulate live birds (Teal, Battue and High Pheasant) even a rabbit running up a hill.

The three different clay target shooting field layouts range from basic to advanced and international A grade. The five lane covered-in shooting stands allows claybird shooting in all weather conditions with room for spectators to watch up close. There are 28 promatic traps holding 450 – 600 birds each and the computerized release system allows the instructor to release 25 to 700 bird flurries/ flushs. This is great for wing shooting practice or Tauranga events and team building fun.

Loaded NZ offers a range of catering and BYO options including icemakers, fridges, BBQs all free of charge ready for use.

Loaded NZ also offers professional coaching for all ages from a qualified claybird shooting instructor. We look forward to seeing you soon. Call us today on 07 543 0500 or visit

Minimum age for shooting is 13 years old.

What we offer:

  • 60 metre pattern board to check chokes/loads
  • State of the art COMPACT
  • Three different fields with 5 lane covered in shooting stands and spectator seats
  • 28 Promatic traps holding  450 or 600 birds each.
  • Gun fit (see below for more information on our gun fit)
  • Eye dominance training (eyerobics)
  • Safety training
  • Chokes and ammunition training
  • Professional coaching in:
    - Five stand
    - Sporting
    - English sporting
    - Skeet
    - Live wing shooting 
(Ducks, Pheasants)
    - Overseas live wing shooting
    - Driven English style pheasants
  • Trips organised
  • Special coaching for up and coming shooters (13 years old upwards) confidence building
  • Clay target shooting parks course designing
  • Stockists of Caesar Guerini.


Did you know that gunfit is 70% of your shot?
Introducing the new measuring device just landed at LoadedNZ - one of a kind in New Zealand. This unique machine will give you the best gunfut which in turn will give you the best shot! Call Ric today at LoadedNZ 07 543 0500

 Gun fit machine -


Looking for things to do in Tauranga? Claybird shooting at Loaded NZ is an awesome option for your next corporate or group Tauranga event, a  fun family day out or even a Christmas party or stag do. Click here to see our clay target shooting and other activities...